Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot sale cheap Incredible Hulk Nike Dunks

Hot sale cheap Incredible Hulk Nike Dunks
Custom designer THIRST took on the Incredible Hulk in his latest sneaker art project. THIRST offers a close-up look at the Hulk’s green skin after the transformation of mild-mannered Bruce Banner in these Nike Dunks. Instead of phoning in a simplistic design based on this popular Marvel character, THIRST used the Incredible Hulk Nike Dunks to focus on his raw power.

The toe, eyelet and collar are painted green to simulate the Hulk’s skin. THIRST added veins and sinews on these sections to separate his Dunks from the competition. The designer used gray punctuated with black lines on the middle panel to simulate the broken concrete that suffered during Banner’s transformation.

My favorite part of the Incredible Hulk Nike Dunks is the distressed purple denim used on the tongue and ankle wrap. THIRST’s commitment to distressing and stitching this denim to his custom Dunks takes these shoes to the next level. The Incredible Hulk Nike Dunks expand on traditional views of this character, showing his brute force with the consequences of his rage.
This Nike Dunk Dunk High features royal blue on the toe and outsole, while the upper is all covered with black suede. The blue section in front also has a tonal pattern which quickly attracts the eyes and adds an interesting touch to the design.

The Nike dunk is one of the venerables of the footwear scene. Its resiliency in the face of changes in attitudes and eras is well-known to all sneaker lovers. In this black/blue design we see this regenerative power brought to life in the ever-creative minds of Nike’s designers.

This one could never be made more complex; everything about it is in the right place, every detail is proper, nothing too much or too little. We love this kind of attitude, and we’d love to meet you at Limited EDT as we cope our own pair of these.

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TTK was asked to make a pair of custom Nikes for Jabee, an up-and-coming rapper from Oklahoma City. The Submerged Touch Nike Dunks was TTK’s effort to play around with different color profiles from past sneakers like the Obama Blazers. I think that the designer was successful in creating a unique sneaker for Jabee without sacrificing any of his artistic integrity.

The Submerged Touch Nike Dunks depend on the precarious balance between two very different patterns. We can see the black/gray pattern on the heel wrap, toe and eyelets which is modeled after the imprint of a fingerprint. The black/teal striped pattern running from the middle panel to the heel tag adds flares of color to these custom Dunks.

TTK’s latest customs do justice to the rap style and skills of Jabee the Rapper. If you want to get in touch with TTK for your own customs, you can reach him at While the patterns used on the Submerged Touch Nike Dunks may not be conventional, I think that TTK is showing that designers should break away from convention when given a wide berth by clients.

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